From the history books: Staff verses St John's Annual Football Match

Sep 19, 2019


​​In October 2013 we recreated a football match between the Masters and the pupils played exactly a hundred years previously. Hurst made an effort to commemorate the centenary of WW1 by remembering this football match in which two of the boys' team and 4 of our Masters' team were later killed in the First World War. We lost a total of 108 old boys and 4 Masters in WW1, a huge toll on a school that at that time only numbered 183.

This is now being recreated for the 7th year this Friday 20th September:

Staff versus St John's Annual Football Match.

Kick Off 6.15pm South Astro

These photos have kindly been shared from our Archives which you can contact directly on

Floreat Hurst 

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