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Nov 19, 2019

One year before the outbreak of the Second World War there was an OTC (Officers Training Corps, now CCF), Inspection at Hurst in 1938 and this splendid photograph of it has resurfaced in the Archives.

After the solemnity of Remembrance Day earlier this week when our CCF marched to the village to pay their respects to the Fallen, here we see our post WW1 Corps. Depicted marching proudly towards the camera are three of our Masters and the inspecting officer.


Left to right

Lt Gregory, Lt Lambert, Inspecting Officer Gen. Sir Walter M St. G. Kirke. K.C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O., Director General of the Territorial Army and Captain Mason.

Sir Walter judged our Corps in many categories including

Drill: ‘the Cadets were steady and trying their utmost and all ranks put swagger into their marching. ‘

Discipline: ‘very good indeed and showed that the Esprit de Corps is very high.’

Turn-out: ‘Boots and buttons very well cleaned.’

General Remarks: ‘The spirit of this contingent is wholly admirable. Corps is a credit to the School. ‘

His only criticism was in Weapon Training:  where he says ‘More practice seems to be required in obeying fire instructions given by commanders’!


You can read the full report yourself from June 1938 in the Hurst Johnians ..


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